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Carbyne Automotive Service Packs

Family holiday
What a great way to spend your holidays


Yes it is that time of year again when we pack up the car and drive off into the sunset for our family Christmas holiday. This time of year the traffic on the roads increases while our patience will more than likely decrease. Add the wet weather, rain, hail and floods we have seen over the past couple of months, this leads to potentially more stress when we are on the road.


To help decease the stress Carbyne offer a reliable, affordable and trustworthy service for your vehicle. In fact they have a number of Service Packs available and you can find out more on the Carbyne Automotive website. The team at Carbyne service a range of vehicles from small to large.

Need a log book service? Carbyne aims to fit you in as soon as the next availability opens. To book your log book service or service pack there is an easy online booking system. If you prefer to ring and chat to one of the friendly staff please call M: 0476 004 566. They are in a very convenient location right here in Mackay 4 Ginger Street Paget QLD 4740 and a map can be found on the Carbyne Automotive website.

REPAIRS Broken down over the holidays? Need a replacement part or assistance to get you and your family back on the road? Carbyne Automotive also provide a vehicle repair service at affordable rates. They also rebuild engines for a number of makes and models of vehicles.

STAYING SAFE Leading into the Christmas Holidays it is also good to check your tyres for air and tread, your windscreen wiper blades, and brakes. The precious cargo you will be carrying with you in the upcoming holidays needs to be kept safe, so Carbyne recommend that you also check your engine and electrics.


Staying safe on the roads is what Carbyne is all about and they want to help you enjoy your journey. For more information on the Carbyne Automotive Service Packs or to chat to one of our friendly staff call M: 0476 004 566 or book online.

Safe Travels Everyone from the Carbyne Automotive team.

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