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VW Amarok Vacuum pump Case study.

Updated: Apr 12, 2022


REPORT Task – Installing an Engine on VW Amarok – • On the initial second hand engine inspection before engine fitment we noticed a significant dent on the Engine Vacuum pump housing at the rear of the engine. We removed and dismantled the pump; the internal components were damaged beyond repair- Please see attached photos – Figure 1,2 and 3.

• We checked the timing on the engine and found this was slightly out 6mm on cam, we reset the timing and fitted a new vacuum pump. This was completed by our VW factory trained technician using VW factory tooling and specifications.

• Once the engine was fitted and we attempted to start the vehicle we found it to have no compression.

• Our diagnostic procedure has led us to the conclusion that the vacuum pump has seized due to taking a substantial knock on the outer casing. (see photos attached 2 and 3) Once this pump initially seized it first stopped. Then sheared the gear clean off on the rear of camshaft that the vacuum pump attaches too. This then caused the camshaft to move more than a few teeth out of alignment causing the camshaft rockers to break.

The VW Amarok engines are engineered with a weak point at the rockers in an attempt to reduce valve and pistons contact damage normally caused by broken timing chains and belts. • We recommend a completely new cylinder head with bolts and gasket replacement at a minimum- Which the customer proceeded with.

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