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Tips for Road Trips with Kids over New Year

Updated: Dec 28, 2021


It is almost a right of passage to pack up the car, the kids and the pets and head for a campground, holiday park or family and friends places for the holiday period. And then half and hour into the journey you might hear "Are we there yet?", "I need to go to the toilet", or "I'm bored".

Traveling with young children can be challenging, especially if you have a long trip ahead. Our team at Carbyne have come up with some tips and trick for you to help make the journey smoother.


Pack activities ahead of the trip and let the children choose the items they want to take. It could be things like colouring in books, reading books, cards, games, music to sing along to, and maybe an ipad or a device to watch a movie. Kidspot Australia has a great list of ideas on their website for ideas for activities and games

2. SNACKS Have plenty of healthy snacks ready for the trip. Things that won't ruin the car upholstery such as sandwiches, apples, dried fruit, crackers and cheese. And maybe even something special as a treat for them to look forward to. Maybe even plan a small lunch break where you can get out of the car, stretch your legs and let the kids have a run around to let out some energy. If you know the route and there is a rest area with a playground, this is something that everyone can look forward to.


Plan plenty of stops along the way to let everyone go to the bathroom, stretch their legs and maybe even swap seats. Depending on where you are going there maybe an opportunity to stop and go for a walk or to visit a tourist attraction.


Kids will often fall asleep on a long road trip so it's a good idea to pack their pillow, favorite blanket and toy. Sitting up in a car seat and sleeping can be uncomfortable so taking a few simple comforts from home can help make it easier. If the kids have head phones and a favourite song to go to sleep with this may help them settle into 'sleep time' while on the road.

5. BE PRACTICAL A long road trip can be draining on everyone, so try to keep a practical approach to traveling with your kids. Some children will get car sick and will need more stops than the rest of the family. Be prepared just on case and have some wipes, plenty of water and rubbish bags for the trip.


As you prepare for your trip make sure you have checked your car tyres, fuel, wipers, oil, water, indicators and brakes. If you are due for a service then book in before your travel date and allow some time just in case there are mechanical issues that need to be repaired. Carbyne Automotive has a number of tailored service packs and you can find them on their website. To make it easier for you they also have a simple online booking system or you can call a friendly team member directly on m: 0476 004 566

Have a Happy and Safe New Year

From all of the team and Carbyne Automotive


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