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Vehicle Road Safety and traveling

The Christmas holidays are one of the busiest times on the road each year, and often we are so looking forward to getting on the road that we jump in the car and forget to check the basics. At Carbyne we care about you and your family's safety, so in this post we are going to cover some important facts and tips to help you when you are out and about.


Christmas in North Queensland often means monsoon weather, including rain and cyclones. This creates havoc to us as drivers and often affects the roads by producing potholes that can that can bend, snap, break, sever or deform your cars suspension. These holes in the road can also damage your tyres, and can literally blow a wheel off of your car. As much as possible drive to the conditions and avoid driving over potholes where possible. If you do have any concerns after driving on roads with potholes, please get your vehicle checked.


Driving in wet weather conditions make sure you reduce your speed and drive to the conditions, often the road is slippery when it rains as it starts to shift the oil from the surface. Make sure you have plenty of room in between you and the other vehicles in case of a sudden stop in traffic flow. Keeping your tyres at the right air pressure helps provide maximum contact with the road, increases fuel economy and reduces road noise.


Often we travel long distances to be reunited with our family and friends over the Christmas Season and this can lead to driver fatigue. Not just for you but for the other drivers on the road as well. We found a great article about driving during the holidays here on the Australian "Drive Risk" website.


It is recommended that a driver takes a break every 2 hours and that you get plenty of sleep the night before. If you have a second driver swap roles if you are feeling tired. You are better of getting to your destination a little bit 'late' rather than 'not at all'.


Before you set off for your trip double check that any load you are towing or carrying has been secured, and that trailers etc have working indicators.


And also remember that all passengers need to buckle up, and that your mobile phone can wait to be checked when you stop.

Staying safe on the roads is what Carbyne is all about and they want to help you enjoy your journey. For more information on the Carbyne Automotive Service Packs or to chat to one of our friendly staff call M: 0476 004 566 or book online.

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